Lindsay & Aaron’s incredible Wedding

So this BLOG is out of control. I have never used this many photos for one BLOG, and it may be a tad overkill. It was just so incredibly difficult to choose which images to use. So in some ways I am sorry for how long this BLOG is and in some ways I am not. I guess, Lindsay and Aaron shouldn’t of had such an amazing wedding. Its their fault really.

I have been super lucky this wedding season with the Brides and Grooms that I am getting. Lindsay and Aaron are no exception to that. They started off as clients but quickly grew as friends; at least it sure felt like I was photographing friends.

They had a beautiful wedding, as you will see with the thousands of photos I am posting. Their ceremony was at a church, and I feel terrible I can’t remember the name of it. The sanctuary was beautiful. It had this amazing stained glass that was awesome! Then they had their reception at The Highlands Ranch Mansion. Holy crap! Have you been there? Hands down, it is easily the most¬†gorgeous location you could get married at. Not only is the site it self beautiful, but the staff were incredibly nice and very helpful. I hope I get to shoot more and more weddings at this location.

I can’t thank Aaron and Lindsay enough for hiring me. Getting to do their engagement session and wedding was truly an honor for me, and has set the standard of how all of my shoots should look haha.


Thanks again you guys! You both are awesome, and I hope we get to stay in contact. Hey! If you like these images, get in contact with me and stay connected. You can do that by LIKING my Narrative Imagery facebook page. and check out


Here goes the madness of photographs. Enjoy!


I have to say THANK YOU to my Second Shooter Kate Ponce! This was our first wedding together and she did such an amazing job! I secretley hope she never moves out of Denver or starts her own Wedding Photography business. haha. Also The DJ Lindsay and Aaron hired was incredible! If you want to have a good GOOD reception you have to get a GOOD GOOD DJ. His business name is DJKiss.Music. Seriously if you don’t hire him for your reception, than your reception isn’t going to be fun haha.



2 thoughts

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  2. What a beautiful bride!!! Looks like every one had a great time. I hope they will have a long and very happy marriage.


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