Amanda & Tony’s Wedding

IMG_0684I always feel completely honored when a Bride and Groom hire me as their Wedding Photographer. However, I felt extra honored when Amanda & Tony hired me. Here is the deal. I have actually known Amanda since she and I were in 6th grade. That was 16 years ago which is crazy to me. I can still picture Amanda with her Gold Braces playing her Alto sax. haha.  Amanda, and her Maid-of-honor Heather lived straight up the street from me when we were all in high school. Me and a couple of my buddies used to roller-blade up to their houses and hang out in the drive way. Well, Amanda and Heather legitimately thought they were Buffy The Vampire Slayer. They would chase us all over the neighborhood with imaginary wooden stakes and try to “kill” us. ahh good times.. :o)


It was really awesome to be able to photograph Amanda & Tony’s wedding day. It was a new experience photographing someone I have known for years. Truth be told, I often tear up behind my camera during the Vow part of the ceremony, and the First Dance of most weddings I shoot. This wedding to say the least definitely made my eye’s leak.

This was such a fun wedding for me. Getting the chance to see so many people who I haven’t seen in years was incredible. For example, Her mother Ann, Her Maid-of-Honor Heather, Her Brides-Maid Leslie, and her Makeup Artist Michelle.  I had SO much fun hanging out with all of you again.

IMG_0638-2_Color Change

I only got the chance to meet Tony once before the Wedding. He was one of the most laid back, funniest Grooms I have photographed yet. Some of my favorite photographs from the wedding are of Amanda & Tony laughing uncontrollably with each other. It is so great to see Amanda so so Happy.

Thank you Amanda & Tony for letting me be at your wedding. I hope you guys like the BLOG photos, and can’t wait for you both to see all of your photographs… all 900 of them haha.


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Thanks everyone.

Nick Thayer



3 thoughts

  1. 1- Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a very popular show back then :)! Nick, these pictures are absolutely amazing! I was so very glad to have you photograph this day. It was extra special having an old friend there to share the experience. Thanks so much for capturing all of these memories for us.

  2. Nick they are stunning! Amanda’s Dad & I thank you very much for capturing not only the happiness of such a special day but also the love Amanda & Tony have for one another. I’m crying all over again! – Jenna (Amanda’s step mom)

  3. Nick you did an amazing job capturing the love and joy of Amanda and Tony’s day. I’m so happy you were there to share in it, It was woderful seeing you again and I love the comments about Amanda and Heather “the vampire slayers” :)

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